General features
O Maximum compatibility: freeWeather
can be displayed everywhere where
PNG-files can be displayed
(Script languages like JavaScript aren't required).
O FreeWeather is basically free (limited to 100 requests per minute).
If you need more requests or
customized layouts please contact us for a individual offer.
O Setting up FreeWeather is quick and easy: You only have to register,
configure the weather panel and
add it to your website / application.
 Weather layouts
O FreeWeather offers different customizable weather panel templates.
Due to the variety of settings options you can create quick and easy a customized weather layout.
O Beside the standard layouts, which are basically intended to be incorporated into websites, are there additional layouts like the weather icon.
 Available weather stations
O FreeWeather offers currently weather forecasts for 200.000 cities wordwide. The number of available weather stations can vary depeding on the available weather services.
 Further questions
O Please use the freeWeather support forum for further questions.
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Weather panel configuration
Weather layout: 
Weather icon set: 
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Note: In order to change the weather panel configuration, you need to allow saving cookies.
*1 Beside the shown configuration options you get many more configuration options (a.o. changing text and background color) after creating a freeWeather account.