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freeWeather - FAQ - English

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freeWeather – FAQ – English


Question: How can I change the color of the weather icons in conjunction with the text color?
Answer: Currently only icon set 4 does support this.


Question: Are there animated icons?
Answer: Currently there is no support for animated icons.


Question: Is there a API or can I get the raw weather data as ASCII text?
Answer: Currently there is no support for such options.


Question: May I crop parts from the weather panel (png-image)?
Answer: Yes. But you should add a link or remark to to your project (readme, credits, etc.).


Question: How often could I / should I update the weather panel (png-image)?
Answer: The weather data is getting updated every 5 minutes. More frequent weather panel requests are pointless


Question: How can I support freeWeather?
Answer: I you have advanced knowledge in a language beside German and English you can help translating freeWeather to other languages.
For concrete support offers you can use the .


Question: What licence does the weather panel (png-image) have?
Answer: There is no special licence for the weather panel. It is assured, that everyone may use the weather panel within the rules commercial and non commercial.
You can use the for further licence questions.


Question: Can I support freeWeather with a donation?
Answer: If you want to support freeWeather with a donation, use the .